+  direct availability of the tools at the relevant location
+  availability of the relevant data directly, simultaneously
    and automatically with suppliers and departments
    (purchasing, accounting, goods receiving departments)
+  exploitation of existing in-house LANs and WANs
    for data transmissions
Always be one step ahead of control and security.

You must decide
who may use what, when and what for
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GDE Supply-System
We at GDE-Werkzeuge GmbH intensely face up to logistic support conceptions for the
machining industry. The origin is the rising demand for logistic solutions which include
either the delivery of information and products as well as the simplification of the ordering
system and the exchange of information for technical support.
Briefly worded: the right tool at the right working place at the right time.
The focus of our logistic systems is on the simplification, cost reduction and speed-up of
our customers' business processes to increase their companies' flexibility and productivity.
This is done by the optimisation or set-up of EDP tool management and supply systems
individually adapted to customers' needs as well as the perfect adaptation to the relevant customer's existing EDP system.
GDE logistics - offered by professionals
On the basis of many years' experience and comprehensive technical knowledge gained as
a service provider for precision tools we have an extraordinary procurement competence at
our command in the areas of machining tools and systems.
In addition, GDE can help you gain competence for the best handling of logistic processes
from the manufacturer to the customer on the basis of their many years' experience and
cooperation with customers in different industries. So, we offer services and solutions
around the entire tool circuit.
You being our customer are in the focus of our activities. Therefore we harmonically link
our services and your wishes.
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